Hello all Medium visitors! My name is Tiffany Chung and I am a junior at UC Berkeley studying CS. This story is for the tech entrepreneurship class that I am taking this semester as I embark on my journey to become a better leader.

The Prompt:

Post a 300-word piece on a person you admire as a public speaker/communicator. What do you admire about that person’s communication style/structure? What impact does it have on you as a listener? What are the factors of good communication for you?

The Response:

A speaker that I admire is Julian Treasure. Julian is a top-rated international speaker and who has given the very popular “How to speak so people want to listen” Ted Talk. As I listen to this Ted Talk, some things that admire about his communication style is/are

What impact does it have on me? Well, in comparison to my video lectures that I watch for my computer science courses, Julian’s talk kept me engaged for the entirety of his segment. Now, although it wasn’t long (around 10 minutes), I felt myself almost hang onto each word he was saying. Actually actively listening to what he said. I feel like many other times when I listen to podcasts, movies, etc. I am listening word by word, not quite paying attention to the sentences as they connect to each other and the meaning of what is being said, but this talk pulled me in. I felt like I had something important to gain from listening to this talk, even though I had never really paid too much attention to this topic before — and that’s the magic of his way of speaking. Julian has a wonderful ability to communicate and connect with his audience, helping them gain a whole new experience and perspective.

Aspiring PM & Product Designer. Berkeley CS ‘22.